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2021, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part A

Agro-production assessment of land cover in Beylagan region on the example of Birinci Shahsevan village

Author(s): ZH Aliyev

Abstract: It was determined by the research that the object of research was excavated plots of land with a total area of 1776.99 ha, and their morphological features were described by genetic layers. yes; Clean pasture-147.58ha; Reed pasture-6.83 ha; Shrub pasture - 4.25 ha; Other lands-942.10 ha; The area set aside was 7.2 hectares. Based on the results of field research and laboratory analysis, a soil map was compiled on topographic bases and an explanatory report was written. Professor R.H.Mammadov's scale was used to determine the granulometric composition of soils here. Natural-economic features of the area, including geographical position, relief, agro-climatic elements were studied, soil cover; vegetation. The role of vegetation in the process of soil formation and formation of soil cover, increase of soil fertility with the formation of organic matter depends on the density of vegetation, maintenance of normal soil moisture, reduction of water washing effect, prevention of formation and development of soils and erosion elm, garatikan shrubs, licorice, birch, thyme, chicory, etc. are widely spread in the area from shrubs, suitability of the area for use for grain crops; Soil-forming rocks, etc., as well as the great role of the chemical composition of the parent rock in the process of soil formation have been widely studied.

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ZH Aliyev. Agro-production assessment of land cover in Beylagan region on the example of Birinci Shahsevan village. South Asian J Agric Sci 2021;1(1):01-14.
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