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2021, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part B

Synthetic seed: An overview

Author(s): Manish Chavan, RR Dhutmal and NE Jayewar

Abstract: In-vitro encapsulation of somatic embryos, shoot buds, or any aggregates of cells can be achieved through artificial seed production. There can be two types of artificial seed production one is -Desiccated seeds which can be produced by encapsulation in polyoxyethylene glycol or naked and another is- Hydrated seeds which can be produced by encapsulating in hydrogels like sodium alginate, potassium alginate etc. Encapsulation of seed can be achieved either through dropping or molding method. Different concentration % (w/v) of gel can be used such as sodium alginate (0.5-5.0), sodium alginate with gelatin (2.5), carrageenan (0.2-0.8),locust bean gum(0.4-1.0), gelrite (0.25) in complexing agent at concentration (μm) of calcium salts (30-100),calcium chloride(30-100),potassium chloride &ammonium chloride (500).Addition of adjuvants or various essential nutrients, pesticides can be done to achieved artificial endosperm to artificial seed. At last, cryopreservation can be done using several techniques like vitrification, controlled rate cooling, encapsulation etc.

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South Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences
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Manish Chavan, RR Dhutmal, NE Jayewar. Synthetic seed: An overview. South Asian J Agric Sci 2021;1(1):90-94.
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