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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Farmer’s preferences on selection of shade trees species for coffee production and management system in Assosa Zone, in northern western part Ethiopia

Author(s): Mesay Paulos

Abstract: Coffee is a perennial woody shrub which is an important notable gift of our country. Small farmers lively hood predominately dependent on Coffea arabica. it ensures value either in economical and social benefits of country in addition to this some part of country uses coffee as discussing all aspect of problem around in their residence talk about social life, cultural and political aspects’ of community around in their area. However, production and productivity is low because of a lack of management on coffee cultivation practices, lack of resistance in disease prevention. So far small holder farmers’ around community at country level have a great potential of indigenous knowledge about practice of management and production mainly on package of coffee production. The main purpose of this study to undertake collect information on assessment of farmers preferences’ on the role of shade tree species for coffee production and management system in Assosa zone, Northern western part Ethiopia. Data were collected through by semi-structured interviews and ideal shade tree species for coffee production in the area. An over view activity on research of work was done by respondents’. Farmers’ revealed that Among We found that characteristics that farmers considered important were mostly comparable to those stated in the literature. There are a lot of signifance difference showed in selection criteria of species of tree primarily based on tree height,, root depth and shape of life and size Among shade tree species best meet with coffee such as Cordia africana, Millettia ferruginea, Acacia abyssinica and Albizia gummifera mostly selected were highly favored in that order. Some of the respondents strongly stated the demerits of related with growing coffee with shade tree plants that cause negative which is nutrient depletion, water and sun light competition with coffee and creation favorable micro-environment for the prevalence of same coffee disease. According to analysis of data were in descriptive stat ices the e majority of the respondents has confirmed that other benefits of coffee shade trees such as honey production (58.92%), fire wood (30.35%), and improvement of soil fertility (10.75%). Half the study site community mainly depend on mining of minerals however other study sites is a potential of diversity of forest trees engaged in study area. These one who have given a lot information in study site were model farmers’ s had excellent knowledge on coffee production practices, management option as well as coffee shade trees. their agronomic practices, and their association with beneficial soil microorganisms, involvement of microorganisms in organic matter transformation, and overall other interactions of coffee with shade trees should be provide to farmers to meet the desire need s of farmer local knowledge and ensure on selection of shade trees allowing for berries quality and maintain suitability of an envoirnoment and smeet food sufficance for small farmers near to an area of study eventually, the shade trees, Cordia africana, Millettia ferruginea, Abyssinica albizia gummifera and are recommended for the study area.

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South Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences
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Mesay Paulos. Farmer’s preferences on selection of shade trees species for coffee production and management system in Assosa Zone, in northern western part Ethiopia. South Asian J Agric Sci 2022;2(2):08-14.
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