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2023, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part A

A review of mulching as a sustainable water and soil conservation practice in agriculture

Author(s): Tomar Deepa and Bhadoria Suraj Singh

Abstract: India being a horticulture nation ought to have a decent regard towards protection methodologies particularly of water. As of now we are experiencing an incredible pressure of water shortage. Every single drop of water is significant as far as we're concerned yet tragically in light of inconsiderateness, we frequently squander enormous measure of water. One of such practices is finished and over the top water system. Mulching is a dirt and water rationing and weed administration practice through soil solarisation additionally in which any reasonable material is utilized to spread over the ground between columns of harvests or around the tree trunks. This training assists with holding soil dampness, forestalls weed development furthermore, improves soil structure. There are different kinds of mulching, for example, surface mulching, vertical mulching, polythene mulching, stone mulching, dust mulching live vegetative hindrances, straw mulching and so forth. Mulching ends up being recipient however increase in soil dampness, decrease in soil disintegration, upkeep of soil temperature and so forth. It helps in make do in soil structure, soil ripeness furthermore, soil natural system. However likewise mulching is enjoying many benefits it shows a few restrictions as it might hold onto some nuisances and sicknesses. It isn't the case considerable in wet circumstances. It is tad challenging to get in any event, mulching on steep terrains. Some grass species utilized as mulch can root and turn into a weed issue. The current survey manages the conversation of each and every part of mulching and how it makes recipient difference.

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South Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences
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Tomar Deepa, Bhadoria Suraj Singh. A review of mulching as a sustainable water and soil conservation practice in agriculture. South Asian J Agric Sci 2023;3(2):01-04.
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