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2023, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part A

Assessment of trees species diversity in Gongoshi grazing reserve Mayo-belwa local government area of Adamawa state, Nigeria

Author(s): Umar MR and Usman HN

Abstract: This research is entitled on this research Assessment of tree species diversity in Gongoshi grazing reserve Mayo-Belwa Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria. Data were collected from three plot in Gongoshi game reserve. Parameters evaluated includes, data to examine and identify the woody species diversity in the two forest reserves, frequency, DBH and height of the species, their abundance and distribution within the ecological zone Hymenocardia acita having 11 frequency Plot A, Ficus capensis having one frequency in Plot B reserve while in Plot C Detarium microcarpum having 9 frequency and Ceiba pentandra having 1 frequency. Diversity indices and importance value index (IVI) of the species were determined using relevant formulae. Student t-test and Shannon-weiner diversity index. Results from Plot A shows that Adansonia digitata has highest frequency, Basal Area, Relative dominance and IVI with values of 4,0.85, 14.81, 62.66 respectively. Plot B indicated that Vitellania paradoxa has values at 2, 0.21, 13.33 and 54.52 respectively while Plot C values were 3, 0.21, 12.50 and 40.05 for Adansonia digitata which recorded highest. Results obtained from totaling frequency, Basal Area, relative dominance, and important value index of Plot A were highest with values 27, 2.59, 100 and 300 followed by Plot C and B respectively. T-test indicated that there was no significant difference in all the variables when paired with one another with 13 degree of freedom. The highest species diversity indices were found in Plot A. these shows that Plot A has good management practice and protection than other Plots i.e. B and C which are in danger to sustainability. Endangered trees species from Plot B and C become low in quantity and genetic quality which will leads to extinction. There should be increase in protection and management practice.

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South Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences
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Umar MR, Usman HN. Assessment of trees species diversity in Gongoshi grazing reserve Mayo-belwa local government area of Adamawa state, Nigeria. South Asian J Agric Sci 2023;3(2):05-11.
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